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redesign for the home we live in

3D visualizer

Sai Suthar

A Diplomat in Interiors from HAMSTECH, Hyderabad. For him CDS is a place where he can put his heart & soul into designing. Calm and composed, he lights up his work with quirks and characteristics finely sculpted into every aspect of his life. His vibrant enthusiasm, ardour and focus make him a natural fit in the CDS team.

Senior Interior Designer

Isha Mer

A Diplomat in Interiors from INIFD, Hyderabad. For her CDS is Second Home filled with people that inspire her to be better and do better. She revels in keeping things structured and in order, however refuses to own up to her OCD of meticulously labelling folders.When she’s not unearthing a new place to eat at or catch up with friends, one can find her in a nook, reading novels

Senior Interior Designer

Krishma Jain

A Diplomat in Interiors from BONFIRE, Hyderbad. For her CDS is Ever evolving and fueled by passion. An episode of Standup comedy and some music keeps her fresh and makes her passionate about her work.With a fascination for functional art and design, her desire to work on her skills is infectious and a sure asset to the firm.


Arjun Mohite

A Bachelorette in Commerce.


Bhavani Shankar

A Diplomat in Interiors from Lakhotia College of Design.